Frequently asked questions

This is a ‘living’ document that will be revised as new questions are raised and answered by the Network Membership.

If you have a question you can use the ‘Feedback Forum’ or ‘Contact form’, email or good old telephone to get in touch.  If your question and the answer are of general interest to the whole Network the answer will also be posted here.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What about the quality of network members (26/05/2016):  This question has already been raised separately by three new members.  The concern being that some members or potential members are not delivering to a high enough quality standard.

This is an area where we are all concerned.  In the bad old Lantra days little attention was paid to the quality of centres/ assessors delivering that award.  Although there was a formal inspection and process for maintaining quality, this was mainly expressed as an occasional External Verification of portfolios.  There may have been one or two visits – but we have no records or information about this.  One of the benefits of joining together into an active and supportive network is that you, the network members, have a powerful voice in how such matters are tackled.  Raptor Awards has already published a number of policy documents that are relevant, but we will formalise the quality processes in conjunction with the membership.  We expect the question of quality to be addressed at our first network meeting (expected June 30th 2016).

2. Why do we have to register and pay for new candidates / learners up front?: This has been raised a couple of times as the old process under the Lantra regime was to take payment when claiming certificates.

First it is a vital part of the proposed quality assurance mechanism that we are able to spot ‘problems’ with network members that may indicate a quality issue.  Our technical systems will enable us to compare the number of candidates starting courses with the number completing and being certificated.  We all know that some candidates don’t reach the required standard and also that some will fall by the wayside for other reasons.  If we see one particular member whose conversion performance is much worse than the average across the network, then this may indicate that there is a problem.  Clearly we can only do this if we have upfront registration.

In addition, every candidate / learner is given FREE access to additional learning materials, including background reading, some tasks they can undertake and a list of useful reading references and live links to extra information from leading specialists (for example nutrition advice from Vet Neil Forbes) etc.  Candidates also have access to a feedback and review system where they can provide reviews of their experience (a bit like Tripadvisor).  In time, we can use these reviews to support  star ratings or similar benefits to your business.  Again, we can only provide these extras if we know at the outset who the learner is.