Marketing and Promotion sponsorship appeal

Extract from newsletter circulated 15th March 2017:

At the recent meetings in February there was strong support from network members for a Raptor Awards presence at the main shows and events.

We need to present a professional public image if we are to successfully promote the benefits of using Raptor Awards Approved providers, and we now need your help and support.

We are appealing for sponsors to help us purchase high quality display materials as well as volunteers to help staff the stand at Duncombe Park for a couple of hours over the Bank holiday weekend (April 30th – May 1st)

We appreciate that this event is most useful for network members situated in the north of the UK, but we will also be attending ICBP and other events to make sure we support the network across whole country.

As a network an average sponsorship from every member of just £15 will cover the costs of our new display materials – although larger single donations will be most welcome

Sponsors contributing £100 or more will be prominently listed on the stand and on the Raptor Awards website.

How can I help?

At the foot of this page is a list of the items we would like to acquire in order to give the event stand a professional look.  A donation of £15 from each network member would cover the full list.

Sponsors  generous enough to donate £100 or more will be individually listed on a stand display as well as being listed on the Raptor Awards website and through Facebook.

You will notice that the costs of travel, accommodation and time spent at the event are not included and will be donated directly by Raptor Awards.  We believe that this distribution of costs between the network members and Raptor Awards is an equitable arrangement that we hope you will support.

Please click this button to make a donation (if you don’t have a PayPal account look for the credit card links near the bottom of the PayPal page) –

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Can you volunteer a couple of hours to man the stand at Duncombe Park? – Click here

List of items we would like to acquire with your donations:




6 foot folding table x 1


Fold up chairs x 6


Corporate tablecloths x 2


Table clips x 4 packs


Display boards – set of 8


5 metres velcro


Card/leaflet display stand x 2


Leaflet print x 5001


Stand hire 3M


Pop-up Roller Banner




1 These would be for use at events/ fairs etc. Providers could have access to the PDF to print their own.