Online Falconry Courses

Introducing Raptor Awards Online Courses – where the captivating world of keeping, training, and flying birds of prey comes alive! Delve into the extraordinary fusion of art and science that defines this awe-inspiring pursuit.

Unleashing the full potential of a Hawk or Owl requires a profound understanding of their needs and desires.

It’s not merely about feeding and sheltering; it’s about nurturing a complex bond built on respect and care. Our fully certificated courses will equip you with in-depth knowledge and understanding, empowering you to ensure the well-being of these majestic creatures.

Feel the pulse of your bird as you learn to anticipate and respond to their ever-changing needs. Be it the weather, exercise routine, food quality, or their living conditions, you’ll master the art of adaptability.

You need to become a keen observer, learning to decipher the subtle signs of good health and detect when something might be amiss.

Acquire a range of additional skills and knowledge to prepare your Hawk or Owl for the exhilarating journey of free flying. Witness the thrilling moment when they soar into the skies and experience the unmatched joy of their safe return to your outstretched arm.

Not ready for a full face to face course? Step into the modern era of falconry education.

With Raptor Awards Online Courses, the ancient art of falconry meets the cutting-edge world of e-learning. Are you ready to spread your wings and soar to new heights of knowledge and skill? Enroll now and embrace the adventure of a lifetime!

How we help and support your journey

Unleash the power of falconry knowledge with our cutting-edge online curriculum, approved and endorsed by leading falconers and Raptor Vets! Get ready to soar to new heights as each module develops your knowledge and understanding of raptors and their needs.

Immerse yourself in recommended readings and texts that will ignite your passion for these magnificent birds. But that’s not all – you can go the extra mile by connecting with trusted sources of professional advice on health, feeding, and all things avian, right at your fingertips through our Professional Register of Approved Centres.

Track your journey to success with our interactive online tests. Watch your knowledge improve as you conquer new challenges and expand your falconry prowess. The thrill of mapping your growth is unparalleled as you venture deeper into this fascinating world.

No falconer left behind! We’ve got your back with our dedicated online support service. Should you encounter any obstacles, rest assured that our expert team will swoop in to guide and uplift you.

The best part? This unparalleled adventure starts at an unbeatable price – just £24.95! Seize this opportunity to embark on your online learning quest, including initial registration, personal learning account, certification, and even UK postage, all bundled together!

Are you prepared to become a true falconry virtuoso? Unravel the magic of these majestic creatures and harness their ancient secrets. Your online learning journey begins now – claim your place among the falconry elite!

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