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Falconers’ Professional Register Launches October 1st  2017

From October 1st 2017 Professional Falconers will be able to work towards professional recognition

of their skills through a new body ‘The International Register of Bird of Prey Professionals’.


Application for membership of the Register is open to anyone who works with birds of prey in any professional or commercial context and who meets the entry criteria. The Register will be administered by Raptor Awards, who have set and maintained international Standards for those that keep and/ or work with birds of prey.


 Professional categories include:
  • Bird controller
  • Display giver (static or flying)
  • Education / school visitor
  • Rehabilitator
  • Falconer (hawking guides)
  • Breeder

The searchable database of the Register will enable clients, customers and potential employers to easily locate professionals who met the criteria for Full Member status.

Once Full Membership is attained the member will be entitled to use the letters MIRBPP after their name and display the official logo of the IRBPP on their website and business documents.

Membership can confer a significant business advantage to the member and reassure clients and others of the skills and ability of the individual” said Julie Murphy, Director of Raptor Awards. “It has taken a couple of years planning and extensive consultation to ensure that the Register will meet the needs of the professional bird of prey community” she explained.

 By raising standards and recognising excellence we expect our members to be seen as the best in the world 

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