Equality Policy

Raptor Awards is committed to equality of opportunity and strives to ensure that it:

  • does not create any unnecessary barriers to achievement

  • provides fair assessment opportunities for all candidates, including those with particular assessment requirements

  • takes into account current legislation in relation to equality of opportunity1

This takes place through the following:

  1. Screening potential candidates and making reasonable adjustments for those:

  • with physical, auditory or visual impairments
  • with dyslexia or literacy issues (provided literacy is not a requirement of the training or qualification)
  • whose first language is not English (provided that proficiency in English is not a requirement)

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other candidates that qualify for reasonable adjustments.

  1. The collection and monitoring of data

  2. Fair representation of age, gender, and ethnicity through any materials and the challenging of stereotypes

  3. Fair recruitment and appointment processes

1 Equality Act 2010 (England, Scotland, Wales); Section 75 and Schedule 9 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998.