Malpractice Policy

All suspected incidents of malpractice must be reported as soon as possible to the Directors of Raptor Awards. As much detail as possible regarding the incident must be submitted along with any supporting evidence, i.e.:

  • Date and time of incident

  • Person(s) involved

  • Nature of incident

  • Findings of any internal investigation

An investigation will take place and those involved are required to fully co-operate. This may include providing access to records, staff and candidates where required. The evidence obtained as a result of the investigation will be referred for independent review to decide whether malpractice/maladministration has occurred or not.

Where investigations establish that malpractice/maladministration has in fact occurred, appropriate action will be taken that will be proportionate to the gravity and scope of the occurrence and may include the following:

  • The development and implementation of corrective action plans;

  • Suspending or removing registration for units/qualifications;

  • Suspending or removing approval;

  • Withdrawal of certificates;

An appeal may be made regarding actions imposed. Details of how to appeal are included in Raptor Awards Appeals Policy.

Where an incident brings the outcome of other results into serious question Raptor Awards will seek to identify any other candidate affected, correct or mitigate the effect as far as possible, and take action to avoid a re-occurrence.

Certificates will be revoked if the result on the certificate is false because of malpractice or maladministration. A record is retained so that no replacement certificate can be claimed.

Where another awarding organisation identifies malpractice within a centre that is also approved by Raptor Awards, a review will take place to ascertain any impact upon its own qualifications.