Module C1. Accommodation and equipment. Quiz

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  1. Which is likely to scare a bird of prey the most?1
  2. Which cleaning agents (disinfectants) are safe for use with Birds of Prey? (choose 2 answers)1
  3. Which types of Birds of Prey should be provided with a sheltered area where they can feel secure?1
  4. Vegetation in an aviary can provide cover and enrichment for Birds of Prey, but which disease might be caused by fungal spores growing on decaying leaves and twigs?1
  5. Which is the best option for an aviary roof?1
  6. Look at this picture. A large open pen where young falcons can fly around freely is known as…1

  7. When planning accommodation for my bird of prey I need to allow extra space for which of these items?1
  8. Look at this picture. Which type of Bird of Prey would you keep in an aviary like this?1

  9. What is the recommended length of an aviary or loft for most Birds of Prey?1
  10. Brambell’s 5 freedoms’ are embedded in which UK Legislation?1
  11. Badly designed or badly spaced perches can lead to which medical problem in Hawks?1
  12. Which is the best type of perch in an aviary for a falcon?1
  13. Which materials are unsuitable for use in Bird of Prey accommodation? (choose two)1
  14. Trichomaniasis (frounce) is most likely to infect your bird of prey by…1
  15. Which of these diseases can be caused by unsuitable flooring material?1
  16. Look at this picture. Is this rodenticide (mouse and rat killer) is the correct one to use with predators such as birds of prey?1

  17. Birds of Prey must have access to direct sunlight because:1
  18. Look at this picture. This type of perch would usually be fitted in an aviary for which type of Bird of Prey?1

  19. Look at this picture. When is it acceptable to use cages like this for your Bird of Prey?1

  20. Which of these would you consider to be ‘trusted sources’ of information? (choose two)1
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