Module C2. Feeding and nutrition in Birds of prey Quiz

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  1. “I am a vegetarian. I give my cat and my dog entirely vegetarian diets. We are all perfectly healthy so I will feed my new hawk on a vegetarian diet as well” Which statement is correct?1
  2. I have a ready supply of good quality fresh fish which I feed to my Red-tailed Hawk each day. Which statement is correct?1
  3. Raptors kept inside in away from natural light may suffer from (choose two answers).1
  4. Look at this picture of an eagle suffering from lead poisoning. How is this most likely to have happened?1

  5. You are unsure about the correct amount of food for your hawk, so you always give more than the hawk will eat to be safe. Which statement is correct?1
  6. How often should you feed a vitamin supplement to your bird of prey?1
  7. Once you have established the correct amount of food your hawk requires, should you..1
  8. Rickets is a metabolic bone disease caused by lack of vitamin D. What is the best way to avoid Vitamin D deficiency?1
  9. Look at this image; Birds of prey in captivity can suffer from ‘fatty liver’ disease. What is the most likely cause of this metabolic disease?1

  10. “I keep a Harris Hawk in an aviary. At feeding times it usually sits looking at the food for a long time before coming down to eat”. Which statement is likely to be true?1
  11. What is the best source of essential minerals for a bird of prey?1
  12. A bird of prey gets most of its water from the food it eats. this is known as what?.1
  13. How often should a raptor be provided with clean water for drinking and bathing?1
  14. You feed a varied diet to your bird of prey including Day old Chick, small mammals, high quality beef and rabbit. Which statement is correct?1
  15. Look at this picture. This bird of prey is suffering from Trichomaniasis (Frounce). What is the most likely cause?1

  16. In hot weather thawing food in a bowl of water is useful for ensuring that my hawk gets additional water in its diet1
  17. Look at this picture of a cricket. What type/s of bird of prey would you occasionally feed crickets to?1

  18. Look at this picture. Your hawk has been ill and your vet has recommended that you administer food supplements for the next two weeks. How should you do this?1

  19. An experienced falconer I know has recommended feeding honey to my hawk to help with the moult. What statement is correct?1
  20. What is the best diet for a bird of prey in captivity?1
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