Module C5. Legislation and birds of prey (UK) Quiz

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  1. You would like a wild caught UK Peregrine Falcon as this would be the best type of bird of prey to suit your hunting ground and quarry species. Which statement is correct?1
  2. The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 makes it an offence for anyone to treat an animal unless they area Qualified Veterinary Surgeon. In practical bird of prey keeping when is treatment by an unqualified person allowed?1
  3. In the UK most birds of prey require registration. The registration document is known as..1
  4. COTES (Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement Regulations 1997) authorises entry to premises where birds of prey are kept. Who is given legal authority to enter your premises under the COTES regulation?1
  5. You buy a 12 week old hybrid peregrine /saker falcon from a breeder who tells you that an A10 certificate is not required as hybrids don’t need them. What should you do?1
  6. To avoid possible prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 under what circumstances is it acceptable to tether a bird of prey?1
  7. Most birds of prey are fitted with numbered leg rings, why is this?1
  8. Your hawk is kept on a bow perch in a secure weathering during the day, and moved to a safe overnight indoors area where it is tethered to a bow perch. Which statement is correct?1
  9. You may not keep a Bird of Prey in a cage / box which is smaller than its wingspan except while…1
  10. Your friend has asked you to look after his Goshawk whilst he travels to Australia for 3 months. Which statement is correct?1
  11. You often transport your bird of prey in a car. Which statement is true?1
  12. “I am an experienced bird of prey keeper and keep a supply of bird safe antibiotics in my medicine cupboard. I am experienced enough to know when to give antibiotics without troubling the vet”. Which statements are correct? (choose two)1
  13. In the UK the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 indicates which Birds of Prey must be registered. Which statement is correct?1
  14. Look at this picture of a microchip reader in use. For what legal reason might you choose to have a microchip fitted1

  15. “I would like to own a Red-tailed Hawk and a hybrid falcon”. Which statement is true in the UK?1
  16. Look at this picture. This is a list of ‘Schedule 4’ birds of prey native to the UK. Which statement is correct?1

  17. The law on keeping birds of prey in the UK is complex and changes from time to time. How can you keep your knowledge of the law and your responsibilities up to date?1
  18. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 both apply to transporting birds of prey by road. How can you comply with the law?1
  19. You have just been given a hawk on long term loan from a friend and you have noticed that the number on your hawk’s leg ring is slightly different to that shown on the A10 certificate. What should you do?1
  20. Bird of prey centres need a Zoo Licence under which circumstances?1
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