Module C6. Falconry furniture and equipment (instructor version) Quiz

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  1. Furniture is the term used for any equipment actually fastened to a bird of prey. How often should furniture be checked?1
  2. What is the main advantage of using an aylmeri anklet?1
  3. Jesses with a slit near the end for a swivel are called1
  4. Why should mews jesses always be removed before flying a bird of prey free?1
  5. Which of these materials is NOT suitable for making anklets?1
  6. Why is a swivel used when a hawk is tethered to a perch or the glove?1
  7. What size bell should you choose for your bird of prey?1
  8. Why are bells traditionally fitted to birds of prey?1
  9. Where should I.D. rings be fitted to your hawk?1
  10. Which of these UK organisations helps to find lost Hawks?1
  11. You can fit a small electronic device to your hawk which gives out a signal that helps find lost hawks. What is this called?1
  12. Part of a telemetry system is carried with you when you fly your bird of Prey free. What is it called?1
  13. What does the term triangulation mean when using telemetry to recover a lost hawk.1
  14. Why are hoods traditionally used on falcons?1
  15. What is the main disadvantage of a poorly made hood?1
  16. ‘Making to the hood’ is the phrase used to describe the process of getting the hawk used to wearing the hood. When is it best to ‘make a young hawk to the hood?1
  17. Think about securing a bird of prey to a perch. Which statement is correct?1
  18. What is the danger arising from jesses that are too long when using block perches?1
  19. Identify unsuitable materials for a raptor leash (choose two)1
  20. Some falconers use a ‘loop leash’ to tether their hawks. What is the main benefit of using a loop leash?1
  21. Some falconer say that keeping falcons tethered all the time is the best way to keep them calm and safe in a small space. Which of the following statements is correct?1
  22. Which UK law incorporates ‘Brambell’s 5 freedoms’?1
  23. Why should you have good hygiene routines?1
  24. Why should you avoid flying a bird of prey on a creance near trees?1
  25. Which statement is correct?1
  26. Water in a portable water bath should be provided for tethered hawks. What dangers can arise from the use of water baths?1
  27. Why do we weigh birds of prey?1
  28. What is a potential danger when using digital scales to weigh a hawk?1
  29. Why might we use lures with birds of prey?1
  30. Which type of lure is mostly used for falcons?1
  31. What is the main disadvantage of using a very large travelling box?1
  32. What is the best size for a travelling box?1
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