Module C7. Species characteristics and types Quiz

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  1. A parent-reared Harris Hawk is taken at 17 weeks of age for training. Which statement is correct?1
  2. In India cattle are regularly treated with the drug Diclofenac as a pain killer and anti inflammatory. What happens to Vultures that feed on treated cattle carcasses?1
  3. In traditional Falconry which bird of prey was flown against skylarks?1
  4. Four young Harris Hawks are raised together in an aviary by the breeding pair that laid the eggs. What is this called?1
  5. Which of these types of Bird of Prey would you recommend for a first time Keeper who wants to fly his/her bird of prey free?1
  6. Carefully hand-reared birds of prey, raised by a knowledgeable and expert breeder will usually be1
  7. Buzzards and Falcons are…1
  8. Which statement about Owls is true?1
  9. Which is best if you want to train an owl for flying?1
  10. You live in East Anglia where there are large flat open spaces with no people or pets around. Which of these birds of prey is best suited to that ground?1
  11. A hand-fed young hawk is likely to become imprinted upon you as a parent.1
  12. If you want a pair of Owls for breeding, which is best?1
  13. In wild birds of prey which of these things is a young falcon likely to imprint upon?1
  14. Owls store food in their ‘crop’ to carry it back to their youngsters1
  15. A breeder crèche-rears a nest of Goshawks, feeding them 5 times a day by hand. Which statement is true?1
  16. You live in the countryside where there are lots of hedges and small woodlands. Which of these birds of prey is best suited to that ground?1
  17. The best bird of prey for a young person to own is a Merlin as they are small and easier to handle and train1
  18. Which statement about Vultures is true?1
  19. In the UK the population of which falcon has increased dramatically since the 1960s?1
  20. You are hoping to use a bird of prey for pest control of seagulls on land-fill sites. Which type of bird of Prey would you choose.1
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