Network launched!


After extensive discussions with Falconry Schools, Bird of Prey Centres and other interested parties we have now launched the Raptor Awards Training Providers network.

We are pleased to finally be able to confirm that we are ‘all systems go’, with everything now in place for all Bird of Prey educators to offer a full range of quality assured courses and awards for your customers with immediate effect. More on this in a moment…

But, first things first, and following suggestions from a number of members of the group, we are pleased to announce that we are adopting the new name ‘Raptor Awards’. Please go to our new web site where you will find a simple form to complete and send back to us.

Most important of all, Raptor Awards is there to serve you, the Bird of Prey Education Community. 

We have also devised the ‘Raptor Awards Network Member’ logo for you to use in your own web site and other publicity material, and we will be hosting the first meeting of the training provider network in late June – you are all invited.

Your Network Member benefits include:

  • You will become a Member of a democratic network of Bird of Prey educators and professionals with a powerful voice and in charge of our own destiny.

  • Network meetings and development events to share knowledge and support further business and course development

  • Secure ‘members only’ web services (accessible once accepted to the Network)

  • Low-cost registration and certification for your successful candidates

  • Easy online systems for registration and certification

  • High Quality Certificates of completion for your clients

  • FREE online learning resources for every learner

  • SIX new courses, including

    • Falconry for Beginners (the simple low cost replacement for the old ‘Lantra Award’). Using the same technical framework, and accepting the same evidence as the old award you can immediately switch to this new course with no disruption and no re-training. Available from today!

    • Keeping Birds of Prey – for your clients who wish to keep Raptors without necessarily flying or hunting with them. This course can be easily adapted to be species specific if required. For example change to ‘Keeping Owls’ – certification can be adapted to reflect the new course title.

    • Training and Flying Birds of Prey – a follow on unit from ‘Keeping Birds of Prey’. These two courses may be delivered and certificated individually, or combined into a single longer course whichever you require.

    • Accredited Certificate in Falconry Practise – an advanced course for candidates who want to pursue the art of hunting quarry. Special application process applies for prospective deliverers of this course.

    • Accredited Certificate in Avian pest control using Birds of Prey – a professional Certificate (level 3) for those wishing to enter this growing industry. Special application process applies for prospective deliverers of this course.

    • Accredited Certificate in Raptor Rescue and Rehabilitation – suitable for Raptor Keepers with an interest in rehabilitation as well as para- professionals who come into contact with sick and injured raptors. Special application process applies for prospective deliverers of this course.

  • Customised Award Process for your own special courses not covered by the list above. Have your own courses quality assured and certificated and earn royalties whenever they are delivered by other providers.

and finally, for those of you who wish to continue to offer the Lantra Award for a limited period of time, we have paid the fee to remain an administration point and will be pleased to act as the conduit to enable you to register new candidates and clear any final Lantra candidates from the system on a no-cost basis. Please note this arrangement will be discontinued no later than December 2016.

That’s all for now, and we look forward to meeting everyone in person in June (venue and date to be confirmed)

Julie Murphy

Derek Hartshorne

23rd May 2016

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