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Are you experiencing problems logging in to Raptor Awards?

Have we tested your account and confirmed that it is live and working?

First check your login credentials.  Please note that passwords are ‘case sensitive’.

If you are still experiencing problems then the information on this page might help.

Unfortunately, many modern devices and browsers have built in extensions, pop-up blockers, ad blockers, virus checkers and standard factory settings that can lead to problems when logging in to secure web sites.   These problem-causing systems are beyond our control and are changing all the time.   However, the support articles below may help you to fix your problem.


Switch off your wifi:

Most login problems are caused by the factory default settings in your home wifi package.

Before you try anything else switch off or disconnect from your wifi and try using your smartphone to access your account using the 3g or 4g internet signal?

If this works, then try connecting your laptop or other devices using your smartphone as a ‘hotspot’ and you should have no further difficulty accessing your account.

If you still have login issues, then read on:


Problems with Chrome Browser:!topic/chrome/yDm-nFDHmPE


Problems with Safari Browser:


Problems with


Problems with Mozilla Firefox browser:


If you are successful in tracking down the issue on your system please leave a comment below to help other users.


The Admin team.




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