Hawk Board endorses Raptor Awards

On the 8th August 2016 we received formal confirmation that Raptor Awards has been officially recognised by The Hawk Board.

“The Hawk Board, is the recognised representative body for all hawk & owl keepers in the UK. It’s functions are to liaise closely with DEFRA in keeping a continuous watch on future legislation, both at home and in the EU, which might, either deliberately or inadvertently, adversely affect the keeping of birds of prey. It also advises on all aspects of birds of prey welfare, registration, licencing etc”.

Dr Gordon Mellor, Hawk Board Chairman said “we recognise that you … have gained considerable traction with falconry and bird of prey professionals and course givers. We would like to support you in this.

The Directors of Raptor Awards would like to thank The Hawk Board and it’s members for this important endorsement.